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Ready to get money fast for your unwanted gold? Just fill out the form on the right to request your free Cash For Gold Direct™ information kit. It's that easy. Cash For Gold Direct™ will send you a package, including a pre-paid envelope, within 24 hours. Simply place your gold, silver or platinum items in the envelope and return it to Cash For Gold Direct™.

Our experienced evaluators will quickly value your gold, silver or platinum and send you a check for the value of your items. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the amount, simply return it to Cash For Gold Direct™ within 10 days of receipt. Your items will be returned, no questions asked.

Request your FREE Cash For Gold Direct™ Kit
by completeing the form to the right.

Insert your gold and unwanted jewelry in the secure,
prepaid envelope and place it in the mail.

Upon receiving your package, we will assess the contents
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Look for the Direct Cash Voucher in your Cash For Gold Direct™ Kit. Sign and include it with you shipment and payment for your items will be directly deposited into your bank account the same day it is received at our facility.

It's just that simple.